Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Post-FX nodes are mostly effects added onto an image, after the scene is rendered. These can vary from Colour Correction to FXAA Antialiasing, and are generally used to enhance an image. The order of operations are decided based on the Y value of the node in the nodegraph, or the X values if the Y values are the same. Nodes with larger X or Y values will be calculated first. Unlike the Video Processing Nodes (many of which are shared with these nodes), these nodes only affect the parent, and do not contain a copy of the image.

Post-FX can be applied directly to these nodes, however if applied to other nodes it will affect the whole scene, not just the parent node.

Post-FX have been seperated into 9 groups:


These nodes calculate better antialiasing than the default.

FXAA AntialiasingFXAA Antialiasing

Remove aliasing in an image using Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.

Temporal AntialiasingTemporal Antialiasing

Remove aliasing in an image using Temporal Anti-Aliasing technique.


Blur nodes defocus images, making them appears less clear.


Add a simple blur effect to an image.

Depth Of FieldDepth Of Field

Apply a depth of field blur to 3D scenes.

Directional BlurDirectional Blur

Add a blur effect along a direction to an image.

Edge-Aware BlurEdge-Aware Blur

Add a blur effect but preserve detailed areas to an image.

Feedback BlurFeedback Blur

Add a blur which trails across the image to an image.

FFT Blur / GlowFFT Blur / Glow

Add a wider blur or glow effect to an image.

Frame FeedbackFrame Feedback

Overlay the previous frame over the current frame.


Add a simple glow effect to an image.

Glow 2Glow 2

Add a glow effect which stays resolution independent to an image.

Motion BlurMotion Blur

Apply motion blur to objects in a 3D scene.

Radial BlurRadial Blur

Add a blur effect which pushes outwards to an image.

Tilt ShiftTilt Shift

Add a tilt shift effect to an image.

VHS BlurVHS Blur

Add a damaged VHS effect to an image.

Colour Processing

Colour Processing nodes are used to modify the colours in an image.

Apply Colour LUTApply Colour LUT

Apply a Colour Look Up Table (LUT) to an image.

Colour Channel MixerColour Channel Mixer

Mix the colour and alpha channels of an image.

Colour CorrectionColour Correction

Adjust the overall colour balance and ranges in an image.

Colour GradingColour Grading

Asjust the overall distribution of colour in the image.

Colour LimiterColour Limiter

Limit the colour range to between two colours in the image.

Combine Colour GradesCombine Colour Grades

Combine multiple Colour Grading nodes together.


Invert the colours in an image.

Local ContrastLocal Contrast

Increase the small scale contrast of an image.


Recolour an image based on an input image or gradient.


Add a flashing strobe to the image.


Add an overall tint to the image.

Tone MapTone Map

Apply a tone mapping process to an image.


Changes the shape of the image in different ways.


Add digital distortion to the image.


Add a dithering effect to the image.

Line DistortionLine Distortion

Add growing lines to an image.


Add random noise to the image.

RGB DistortionRGB Distortion

Add RGB sine distortion to an image.


These nodes effect the input image by compositing mathematically generated patterns onto them.

Composite ImageComposite Image

Composite an image directly in a Post-FX chain.

Gradient 2DGradient 2D

Generate a 2D gradient to input into other nodes.

Gradient 3DGradient 3D

Generate a 3D gradient that appears on all objects in the scene.

Gradient PatchGradient Patch

Generate a simple colour pattern.


Generate a 3D grid that appears on all objects in the scene.

Light Scattering BeamLight Scattering Beam

Generate a simple light beam.

Voronoi 2DVoronoi 2D

Generate a mesh based on a particle system.

Image Compression

Compress or decompress images with different kinds of compression.

Compress UV AnimationCompress UV Animation

Compress a UV animation for export.

Decompress UV AnimationDecompress UV Animation

Decompresses a compressed UV animation.

Image Processing

These nodes analyse and modify the image with different effects.

Auto Key Colour MaskAuto Key Colour Mask

Automatically generate a mask for an image.

Bit CrushBit Crush

Reduce the colour resolution in an image.

Capture Image FileCapture Image File

Save a still image within a Post-FX chain.

Channel BooleanChannel Boolean

Swap the RGBA colour channels.

Chroma KeyChroma Key

Generate a mask for an image using Chroma Keying.


Add a crop to an image.

Custom Shader Post EffectCustom Shader Post Effect

Add a custom .fx shader script as a Post-FX


Expand bright pixels and shrink darker pixels.

Edge DetectEdge Detect

Detect the edges in an image.


Shrink bright pixels and expand darker pixels.

Frame BufferFrame Buffer

Hold a frame of video for a period of time.

Frame DelayFrame Delay

Add a Delay to a video.

Frame DifferenceFrame Difference

Subtract the current frame of a video from the previous frames.

Frame LoopFrame Loop

Dynamically Loop a number of frames.

Generate Normal MapGenerate Normal Map

Generate a normal map from an image.

Histogram NormaliseHistogram Normalise

Use a histogram to normalise the colours.

Key Colour MaskKey Colour Mask

Generate a mask for an image using a specified colour.

Median FilterMedian Filter

Add a noise reducing filter to the image.

NDI OutputNDI Output

Broadcast a video feed via NDI.

NVIDIA Virtual BackgroundNVIDIA Virtual Background

Generate a mask for an image using NVIDIA RTX to mask out human forms.

Output GBufferOutput GBuffer

Render a layers GBuffers directly.

Range RemapRange Remap

Remap the overall colours of an image.

Replace ColourReplace Colour

Replace a colour with a different colour.


Limit the colour in an image.

Video ExporterVideo Exporter

Export a video within a Post-FX chain.


3D Object Outline3D Object Outline

Add outlines to geometry in the scene.

Cross HatchCross Hatch

Add a crosshatch effect to an image.

Digital Block GlitchDigital Block Glitch

Add an animated block glitch.

Digital Chroma GlitchDigital Chroma Glitch

Add an animated colour glitch.

Dot MatrixDot Matrix

Add a dot matrix effect to an image.

Film GradingFilm Grading

Add a film grading effect to the image.


Add a halftone effect to an image.

Motion DatamoshMotion Datamosh

Add a datamosh effect to the image.

Pixel Sorting GlitchesPixel Sorting Glitches

Add a simple pixels sorting algorithm to the image.


This node pixellates an image, giving it a lower resolution.


Add a sharpen effect to the image.

Slit ScanSlit Scan

Add a slitscan effect to an image.


This node applies a streak effect to the image.

Vector BlurVector Blur

Add a gradient based blur to an image.

VHS ScanlinesVHS Scanlines

Add a VHS scanline effect to an image.

Voronoi Post ProcessVoronoi Post Process

Add a voronoi breakup effect to an image.


These nodes take an image and stretch or squash them in different ways.

Barrel DistortionBarrel Distortion

Simulate distortion of real-world camera lenses in an image.

Bezier WarpBezier Warp

Warps using a bezier control grid and 8 control points.

Bump Map WarpBump Map Warp

Warps an image based off of a bump map.

Curl Noise WarpCurl Noise Warp

Warps using a curl noise function.

Droste WarpDroste Warp

Applies a Droste function, creating an infinitely warping warp.

Field Position-Based WarpField Position-Based Warp

Warps an image based on the movement vectors of an input field.

Field WarpField Warp

Warps an image based off of a field system.

Four Point WarpFour Point Warp

Warps from 4 cornered sections of the image.


Mirrors one side of the image onto the other side.

Moebius WarpMoebius Warp

Applies a Moebius function, creating an infinitely warping warp.

Randomise TilesRandomise Tiles

Breaks the image into a grid, and randomises the positions and frame delays of parts of the image based on an input image.


Warps an image a ripple emanating from the center of the screen.

Screen WarpScreen Warp

Adds a bulge effect to the image.

Sine WarpSine Warp

Warps an image with a ripple emanating from the centre of the screen.


Stretches a cross section of the image.

Transform ImageTransform Image

Transforms the image, pos/rot/scale/wrap.

Turbulence WarpTurbulence Warp

Warps an image with a turbulence.

Twirl Image WarpTwirl Image Warp

Warps the image in a twist around the center.

Water RipplesWater Ripples

This node simulates water movements across an image based on an input field using a spring-based water solver.