Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Using Notch in disguise (formerly d3)

Using Notch in disguise (formerly d3)

disguise has had native Notch playback support from r14.1.

Features supported #

  • Pass textures/video from disguise to Notch (e.g. SDI capture)
  • Pass textures/video out of Notch into disguise (the resulting output)
  • Control properties exposed in the Notch project
  • Render Notch content at frame intervals (i.e. surface rate of 60fps, Notch rate at 30fps)
disguise ships with a set of ~13 in-built Notch effects which work with all disguise products out of the box. If you wish to playback Notch content outside of these disguise in-built effects (i.e. custom blocks or Notch created blocks), you will require a full Notch Playback License.

Instructions #

disguise Manual - Notch Layer

Interleaved rendering #

In disguise you can render Notch content at a fraction of the surface rate. For example, you can run a 60Hz/50Hz surface refresh rate, while rendering Notch content at 30fps/25fps. For heavier content this can bring you a lot more GPU headroom to work with.

To use this feature, you need to set @notchRenderInterval@ in the options and set the interval level.

For example:

notchRenderInterval 2 – is half rate - Notch renders every second surface frame notchRenderInterval 3 – is third rate - Notch renders every third surface frame