Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Render Still

Render Still

This window is for rendering a still image from Notch.


Presets #

Label Description
Create/Select Preset Create or choose preset values for the rendered image.

Settings #

Label Description
Filename Choose the file name and path to the file will be saved once rendered.

Resolution #

Label Description
Width / Height Change the image resolution for the rendered video.
Use Project Resolution Automatically uses the project resolution set in the Project Settings.
Render Alpha Channel Toggle whether the Alpha channel is rendered with the video. This may not function, depending on which codec you choose.
Antialias Passes An extra layer of antialiasing, calculated by re-rendering the frame with a sub-pixel offset. Increasing the passes increases the number of samples taken per pixel.
Raytrace Refine Steps Controls how many refinement passes are generated, to increase the render quality of the Raytraced image. Only functions if RT is enabled in the Root Node.
Use Scene Refinement / AA Settings Forces the exported video to use the same settings as are in the current viewport. This means that AA passes and Motion Blur will no longer function.

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