Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Modifier nodes modify the attributes in other nodes.

Modifiers can be applied to almost any attribute of a node, simply double click a node in the nodegraph to see its attribute list, and connect a valid modifier to the square next to the attribute. You can also drag from the output of the node graph onto the node property in the property window for accepted inputs. If an attribute isn’t in the list, or no connection is made, it cannot be modified with a modifier.

On time-based modifiers, such as the Math Modifier, a value of “1” equals one whole cycle taking 1 second.
Accumulator Accumulate a value based on the input modifiers.
Beat Pulse Modifier Generate a modifier value based on a consistent BPM.
Combiner Combine two modifier values with basic math operations.
Condition Modifier Generate a modifier value when a condition is met.
Continuous Modifier Generates a continually increasing modifier value.
CSV/Table Read Modifier Reads a value from a table cell for modifiers.
Delay Value Delays the output of modifier over time.
Direction-Weighted Motion Modifier Evaluates how much a transform moves in a particular direction.
Envelope Modifier Generates a numeric value or alters a numeric value from another Modifier.
Expression Evaluates an expression using input modifier values.
Extractor Extracts a modifier value from a node.
FPS Counter Value Captures the current frame rate as a modifier value.
Gradient Remap Modifier Remap modifier values based on a custom gradient.
Input Selector Modifier Select a modifier to pass through.
Limiter Modifier Clamps incoming modifier values to within a range.
Math Modifier Generates modifier values from mathematical functions.
MIDI Modifier Reads CC values from a MIDI device for modifiers.
MIDI Note As Value Modifier Reads note values from a MIDI device.
OSC Modifier Receive a modifier value over OSC.
Proximity Modifier Generates a modifier value from its distance to a transform.
Quantise Modifier Restrict a modifier value to multiples of a quantise value.
Range Remap Limit and remap the incoming modifier value.
Smooth Envelope Modifier Smooths incoming modifier values.
Sound Modifier Generates a modifier value based on the waveform of an audio source.
Speed Tracking Modifier Calculates speed of movement in an input node.
Text As Value Converts a text string to a modifier value.
Triggerable Envelope Modifier Trigger keyframed animations on a modifier.
Video Sampler Modifier Samples a video to generates a modifier value.

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