Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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RT Glass Refraction

RT Glass Refraction

Renders refractions with Ray Tracing.


Method #

The RT Glass Refraction node is a fast cheap raytraced glass solution.

This node can be used in scenes that need additional performance such as lightmapped scenes that aren’t using the pathtracer node.

Once the Glass Refraction node is added to the scene, (making sure that Raytracing is enabled on the root) this will enable you to simulate glass materials such as bottles, windows and glass on any raytraced enabled RT glass or transparent material/surface.

This node is best-used for scenes that need to run more optimally at higher frame rates.
Raytracing will need to be enabled on the root node for the RT Glass Refraction node to work.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Path Tracer ShaderImport a shader source code file as a resource.
Denoising / RefinementToggles on and off denoising / refinement.
Ray BiasSets the bias of the rays.
Sample clampClamps the reflectiveness of the rays.

These properties control how an input environment map is used with refraction.

Max. DepthSets the refraction bounce depth at which the Environment Map will be used.