Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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These nodes generate a distance field for use in a procedural system. Similar to emitters in particles and fields, these nodes are usually the starting point for generating shapes amd creating a procedural surface or volume.

The way the generator is added to a procedural system can be controlled using the CSG properties. These can allow one generator to subtract from another, or blend from one shape to another.

3D Object3D Object

Generates a 3D Object for a procedural.

3D Primitive3D Primitive

Generates a 3D primitive for a procedural.

Cellular NoiseCellular Noise

Generates a cellular noise pattern for a procedural.

Editable CodeEditable Code

Generates a shape for a procedural system from custom code.

Fractal NoiseFractal Noise

Generates 3D fractal noise for a Procedural system.


Genreate a Procedural shape from an image.

Level Set (Field)Level Set (Field)

This node allows a Field to be used as a procedural generator source.


Combine multiple generators together before adding them to a Procedural system.


Generate shapes from particles for a procedural.

Particles As PrimitivesParticles As Primitives

Generate primitive shapes from particles for a procedural.


Performs reaction-diffusion simulation to a Procedural system.


Generates a 3D Voronoi pattern for procedurals.