Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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RT Mirror Reflection

RT Mirror Reflection

Renders single bounce reflections with Ray Tracing.



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RT Mirror Reflection is the fastest raytracing reflections node with only a single, sharp ray traced bounce supported. This can be used to simulate mirrors, reflections and specular on any raytracing enabled specular material/surface. Rough reflections can be approximated using the blurring properties.

As it only uses one bounce, secondary bounces such as a mirror reflecting another mirror will not work. This node is best-used for scenes that need to run more optimally at higher frame rates.

Raytracing will need to be enabled on the root node for the RT Mirror Reflection node to work.
Raytraced reflections will need to be enabled on the material node of 3D objects that will utilise raytraced mirror reflections.
Because Roughness Blur is a post approximation of roughness, the effect can look different at different scene scales. It’s recommended to use the blur scale property to correct these differences.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Path Tracer ShaderImport a shader source code file as a resource.
Denoising / RefinementToggles on and off denoising / refinement.
Ray BiasSets the bias of the rays.
Sample clampClamps the reflectiveness of the rays.
Run at Reduced Resolution (Faster)Halves the rays used in ray tracing, dramatically increasing performance in some scenes.

These properties control a post pblur effect, emulating roughness on the surface without adding more samples.

Blur ReflectionsWhen enabled, notch will attempt to generate approximate reflections using a post blur pass on the mirror reflections.
Blur QualityIncreases the number of samples taken for the post blur.
Blur ScaleAdjusts the scale of the blur. best used to correct the blur pass for scene scale.

These properties control how an Environment Map is used with the mirror reflections.

Environment BrightnessThe brightness of the environment map.
Environment SpecularToggles on and off environment specular.
Environment FilteringToggles on and off environment filtering.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Object NodesOnly reflect particular objects in the scene. Great for making vampires.3D Object
Fast-Path Specular Sky LightsSky lights linked to this input will have their specular component traced by the RT Mirror Reflection node as a mirror reflection ray, instead of in the Sky Light’s direct illumination pass. This allows the result to be post-blurred with the RT Mirror Reflection’s blur pass, and is also faster as less rays need to be cast.Sky Lights