Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Fluid Affector

Fluid Affector

Applies a fluid simulation to a field.



Method #

This node applies a fluid solver to the velocities of the field system, creating eddies and swirls like a gas or liquid. This solver uses the grid-based Navier Stokes method, maintaining incompressible pressures using multiple iterations of a process over the field’s voxel grid, and can have a sizeable performance impact with high-resolution fields.


These properties control the 3D transforms of the node. Transforms will generally be inherited by child nodes, although they can be ignored through the Inherit Transform Channels attributes.

Position XMove along the local x-axis.
Position YMove along the local y-axis.
Position ZMove along the local z-axis.
Rotation HeadingRotate around the local y-axis.
Rotation PitchRotate around the local x-axis.
Rotation BankRotate around the local z-axis.
Scale XScale along the local x-axis.
Scale YScale along the local y-axis.
Scale ZScale along the local z-axis.

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited from the parent node. By default, all transforms will be inherited.

Position XToggle inheritance of the X Position from the parent.
Position YToggle inheritance of the Y Position from the parent.
Position ZToggle inheritance of the Z Position from the parent.
Rotation HeadingToggle inheritance of the Rotation Heading from the parent.
Rotation PitchToggle inheritance of the Rotation Pitch from the parent.
Rotation BankToggle inheritance of the Rotation Bank from the parent.
Scale XToggle inheritance of the X Scale from the parent.
Scale YToggle inheritance of the Y Scale from the parent.
Scale ZToggle inheritance of the Z Scale from the parent.
World Position OnlyInherit the world position from the parent only, rotation and scale will be ignored. Overrides above properties.
Inherit TimeToggle inheritance of time from the parent.

These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Simulation SpeedControls the speed of the fluid simulation.
Vorticity Confinement ScaleControls the amount of vorticity confinement, which increases the number of small swirls in the fluid system.
Diffusion AmountHow much the field colours are diffused to neighbouring voxels.
Velocity DampeningHow much velocities are dampened and averaged across the field system.
Solver IterationsHow many times the fluid system solver is run. Higher values improve accuracy, but lower performance.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Transform ModifiersApply the transforms of another node to this node.Null
Target NodeModifiy the rotations of the node to always direct the z axis towards the input.Null
Local Transform OverrideApply the transforms of another node to this node, relative to its parent.Null