Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Lighting nodes are nodes that control lighting in a scene. Most emit light from different shapes or objects, but some control how light is emitted or scattered in the scene.

Lighting nodes are generally hooked into the Root node, although they can be applied to any node - they will still appear in the scene as long as there is a path to a Root node, and will just inherit the transforms of the nodes above.

Ambient LightAmbient Light

Add a light that applies to all surfaces equally.

Area LightArea Light

Add a light that emits from a rectangle.

Area Lights From PolygonsArea Lights From Polygons

Emit light from mesh rectangular Polygons.

Bake Lighting To ObjectBake Lighting To Object

Bake lighting on a mesh to preserver render quality and improve performance.

Directional LightDirectional Light

Emit light from an infinite direction.

Environment ImageEnvironment Image

Generate an environment image for a Skylight.

Environment MapEnvironment Map

Add an environment map for lighting.

Fog ScatteringFog Scattering

Add fog to limit view distance.


Add a point or spot Light.

Planar Environment MapPlanar Environment Map

Add planar environment map for lighting.

Planar ReflectionPlanar Reflection

Add a planar reflection to reflect objects in a scene.

Point CachePoint Cache

Generate a set of points to improve lighting quality with some nodes.

Point Lights From VerticesPoint Lights From Vertices

Emit light from the vertices of a mesh.

Probe GridProbe Grid

Generates a grid of light probes for probe lighting.

Probe LightingProbe Lighting

Use connected probes for lighting.

Project ImageProject Image

Projection an image onto surfaces.

Screen Space Ambient OcclusionScreen Space Ambient Occlusion

Generate ambient occlusions to improve lighting details.

Screen Space ReflectionsScreen Space Reflections

Generate screen space reflections for reflective surfaces.

Shadow VolumeShadow Volume

Darkens a region of the scene.

Sky LightSky Light

Add a dome of light to provide lighting from every angle. Best used with an enviroment image.

Volumetric LightingVolumetric Lighting

Add volumetrics to lights.

Voxel Cone LightingVoxel Cone Lighting

Approximate global illumination using voxels.