Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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ArtNet Recording Playback

ArtNet Recording Playback

Playback recorded ArtNet data from Notch Builder's built-in ArtNet recorder.

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The ArtNet Recording Playback node allows the playback of ArtNet data that has been recorded using Notch Builder’s built-in ArtNet recorder, which has a .artnet extension. This allows ArtNet data to be captured in a rehearsal or live environment and then taken offline as a recording to use in testing and when developing Notch scenes that require the data.

To record ArtNet inside Builder use the Devices -> Capture ArtNet Data menu option. A stream will be recorded until the option is selected again to stop recording. The ArtNet recording can then be imported as a resource via the Interactive -> ArtNet Recording resource option. The entire ArtNet stream is recorded, including all the universes Notch is receiving - not just the channels which have been bound to parameters in Notch.

Once added to the scene and enabled, the ArtNet Recording Playback node replaces the live incoming ArtNet stream with the data recorded in the file. The ArtNet Recording Playback node can be placed on the timeline to define where it is effective and to offset playback. Once the node is removed, disabled, or is not in scope, data receiving will resume from the live incoming ArtNet feed.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Artnet Recording FileThe recorded Artnet data


There are no inputs for this node.