Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Input Output

Input Output

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These nodes control where video is imported from, and where video is output to. Can be applied to all the same nodes as the Video Processing group.

Colour and Depth Source Combines two input images and generates a depth camera source from them.
Depth Camera / Kinect Source Read colour and depth data from a Kinect or RealSense camera.
GBuffer To Image Allows GBuffer channels from a rendered scene to be used as video nodes for compositing or export purposes.
Image File Loader Loads an image from disk based on a specified filename.
Image Tile File Loader Loads a series of images from disk and composes them as tiles inside a single large texture.
Multiplex Sources Takes multiple video inputs and outputs a single video based on the Source Index attribute.
Rendered Video Source Output the rendered image from a Render Layer node for other nodes to use.
Video Clip An alternative source for an imported video or image source from the resources window.
Video In Source Use input from a video capture device (DirectShow / Media Foundation).
Video Loader Source for a video or image from a file or from a media server (when running as a block).
Video NDI Source Use input from an NDI IP video stream.