Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Add digital distortion to the image.


Method #

This node distorts an image with a combinations of high frequency sine waves, noise, and pixel shifting that displaces the image periodically - useful for making an old video glitching effect.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

ActiveEnables or disables the effect. Disabling the effect means it will no longer compute, so disabling a node when not in use can improve performance.
Blend AmountChanges the opacity of the new effect over the original image.
Blend Mode (RGB)Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image RGB.
Blend Mode (Alpha)Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image alpha.
AmountHow strong an effect will be applied to the image.
Pixel X NoiseHow much noise is along the x-axis
Pixel Y NoiseHow much noise is along the y-axis
Pixel Noise Scale XScale of noise along x-axis
Pixel Noise Scale YScale of noise along y-axis
Distort Y ScaleHow much distortion is along the y-axis
Sine ScaleScale of sine curve on the image
Noise ScaleGeneral scale of noise
SpeedHow fast the effect moves.
BlockinessThe blockiness of the distortion.
Frame Time DifferenceThe time offset between glitch frames when time glitching is active.
Distortion AmountHow much the the image distorts and moves horizontally.
Frame Glitch AmountControls the amount of full-frame offset glitching.
Time Glitch AmountControls the amount of temporal glitching, where previous frames may be selected and held randomly.

Toggle which of the RGBA channels are affected by the effect.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Mask ImageUse a mask image to control where the output is most or least affected by the effect, based on the mask images luminance.Image Plane