Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Particle Affector nodes modify particle motion. Affectors can be connected to a Particle Root node or a Particle Mesh Deformer, which makes them effect every particle in the system. Alternatively they can be connected to an Emitter Node, whereby they only affect particles spawned from that emitter. The exception to this is the Cloth Affector, Which can only be connected to the Particle Mesh Deformer.

Cloth AffectorCloth Affector

Simulate Cloth with a Particle Mesh Deformer.

Collision AffectorCollision Affector

Allows Particles to collide with Meshes.

Curl Noise Fluid AffectorCurl Noise Fluid Affector

Applies curl noise velocities to Particles.

Depth Image Collision AffectorDepth Image Collision Affector

Allows particles to collide with depth camera data.

Explode AffectorExplode Affector

Applies an explosive force to particles at birth.

Field AffectorField Affector

Allows particles to be affector by froces from a field.

Flocking AffectorFlocking Affector

Simulates flocking behaviour with particles.

Fluid FLIP AffectorFluid FLIP Affector

Simulates fluid dynamics on Particles with FLIP simulations.

Force AffectorForce Affector

Applies a force to particles.

Image AffectorImage Affector

Attract or repel particles from an image.

Kill Box AffectorKill Box Affector

Remove particles from inside or outside a zone.

Mesh AttractorMesh Attractor

Attract or repel particles from a mesh.

Object Distance Field AffectorObject Distance Field Affector

Apply forces to particles from mesh surfaces.

Points AffectorPoints Affector

Uses points sources to disturb the particles.

Primitive AffectorPrimitive Affector

Apply forces to particles from primitive shapes.

Primitive Collision AffectorPrimitive Collision Affector

Allows particle collisions with simple 3D primitives.

Procedural AffectorProcedural Affector

Allows particles to interact with procedurals.

Rigid Body Collision AffectorRigid Body Collision Affector

Allows particle collisions with active rigid bodies.

Scale AffectorScale Affector

Apply changes to the scale of particles.

Shockwave AffectorShockwave Affector

Apply a shockwave through particles.

SPH AffectorSPH Affector

Simulates fluid dynamics on Particles with an SPH simulation.

Spline AttractorSpline Attractor

Attracts particles towards a spline.

Spring AffectorSpring Affector

Applies a spring simulation on particles.

Turbulence AffectorTurbulence Affector

Applies turbulence to particles.

Velocity AffectorVelocity Affector

Applies a constant velocity to particles.

Vortex AffectorVortex Affector

Applies a rotational velocity to particles.