Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Welcome to Notch Scripting which aims to give you what you need to get started in your scripting journey.

Notch employs a JavaScript engine to allow you to programmatically manipulate the nodes in your scene.

It is useful for building logic into your scene or triggering changes from external sources. The JavaScript engine runs with Builder, in Exported media server blocks or Exported standalone executables.

API Reference

Inbuilt Functions Various inbuilt functions, including timers.
Document Object Manipulate layers and exposed parameters.
Layer Object Get the various elements of a layer, including getting nodes.
Node Object Read and manipulate a node in a layer.
RSS Feed Node Read data from the RSS node.
Update Context Read and write to the running context, including manipulating the timeline.
HTTP Make HTTP/HTTPS requests to retrieve data / files / images.
Resource Object Reload resources and handle CSV files.


Add JS script JS scripts are resources and so need to be imported into the scene after which they can be applied to a JavaScript node.
Anatomy of a JS script What a typical Notch JS script looks like.
Manipulate the scene Introduces the methods by which you can manipulate nodes of a given scene.

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