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Cylindrical Camera

Cylindrical Camera

Places a camera for generating a 360 degree panoramic render of the scene.

Method #

This node uses cube mapping to generate a 360 cylindrical render of the scene - rendering the scene six times based on a cube map, and then stitching those faces together. Useful for extreme FOV effects and rendering content for a curved screen.

This camera has an internal resolution set by the Cube face resolution property, aka, the resolution per face of the cube map. Higher resolutions will increase the render quality, but will only be noticeable when rendering at high resolutions, so dial in this value as soon as an output resolution is decided.
Cube Map resolutions higher than 4096 are not supported, as that will break the 16k GPU hardware limit set by DirectX. It’ll also be extremely heavy to process, so you will need a powerful GPU to process that high resolution.

Nodes parented to this node will generally follow the standard parent-child relationship with nodes in Notch, with a couple exceptions:

  • Most Post-FX nodes will only run when viewed through a camera when connected to the camera.
  • The Camera Focus Target controls the focus position and attributes for the camera.


These properties control the 3D transforms of the node. Transforms will generally be inherited by child nodes, although they can be ignored through the Inherit Transform Channels attributes.

Position XMove along the local x-axis.
Position YMove along the local y-axis.
Position ZMove along the local z-axis.
Rotation HeadingRotate around the local y-axis.
Rotation PitchRotate around the local x-axis.
Rotation BankRotate around the local z-axis.
Scale XScale along the local x-axis.
Scale YScale along the local y-axis.
Scale ZScale along the local z-axis.

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited from the parent node. By default, all transforms will be inherited.

Position XToggle inheritance of the X Position from the parent.
Position YToggle inheritance of the Y Position from the parent.
Position ZToggle inheritance of the Z Position from the parent.
Rotation HeadingToggle inheritance of the Rotation Heading from the parent.
Rotation PitchToggle inheritance of the Rotation Pitch from the parent.
Rotation BankToggle inheritance of the Rotation Bank from the parent.
Scale XToggle inheritance of the X Scale from the parent.
Scale YToggle inheritance of the Y Scale from the parent.
Scale ZToggle inheritance of the Z Scale from the parent.
World Position OnlyInherit the world position from the parent only, rotation and scale will be ignored. Overrides above properties.
Inherit TimeToggle inheritance of time from the parent.

These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Near ClipThe closest distance that will be rendered. WARNING: Reducing this value too low can reduce the accuracy of aspects of the render.
Far ClipThe furthest distance that will be rendered by this camera. WARNING: Increasing this value too high, without increasing the Near Clip can reduce the accuracy of aspects of the renderer. Generally best left untouched.
PriorityChange the priority of the camera. If two or more cameras have the same priority, the highest camera node in the nodegraph heirarchy is used.
Cube Face ResolutionResolution of the cube used to generated the fish-eye effect. Higher values improve quality, but increase performance cost exponentially. Be careful when using this as a slider, as regenerating the cube faces many times quickly can cause instability.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Included ObjectsSelect nodes will be included in the final rendering from this camera. Once a node is connected, all unconnected nodes will be treated as excluded.3D Object
Excluded ObjectsSelect objects to be ignored by this camera. These objects will not be rendered, but will otherwise be generated and impact performance. Once a node is connected, all unconnected nodes will be treated as included.3D Object
Transform ModifiersApply the transforms of another node to this node.Null
Target NodeModifiy the rotations of the node to always direct the z axis towards the input.Null
Local Transform OverrideApply the transforms of another node to this node, relative to its parent.Null

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