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Content Intermediate

Content Intermediate

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Introduction #

This course is designed for designers and artists who want to create stunning Notch content. It builds on the Notch Essentials course and will dive deeper into more advanced topics.

To get the most out of this course we recommend taking the following pre-requisite courses beforehand:

  • Notch Essentials
In this course, we’ll be using version of Notch Builder. Make sure you are on the same or higher version when you start the course.
Throughout the course, we will also be using a resource pack we have prepared for you. You need to download (see above button) and unzip this pack on your computer before you continue with the course.

What you will learn #

  • Deformers: Learn how to set up Deformers, what they’re good for and how to create more dynamic scenes by using falloff parameters.
  • Cloners: Learn how to set up various Cloner systems, how to use Affectors and optimizing your scene when using a large number of clones.
  • Particle Systems: Learn how to approach particles as part of a larger system, how to use physics, and how to efficiently connect to Deformers, Cloners and Fields.
  • Fields: Learn to build both 2D and 3D Fields systems, how to use lights, shadows, bounding boxes and Affectors. You’ll also learn how to build fire and smoke effects.
  • Path Tracing and Materials: Introduction to Path Tracing, including rendering glass materials, reflections and refractions.
  • Combining Techniques: Workshop where you will learn how to combine Path Tracing with Cloners, Deformers, Particles and video effects - all in the same scene.
  • Tips and Tricks: Covering best practices and managing performance while rendering.

Chapters #

01 Deformers01 Deformers

Learn about Deformers, which are nodes used to manipulate 3D geometry.

02 Cloners02 Cloners

Learn how to set up various Cloner systems, from simple grids to complex affectors to rigid bodies.

03 Particle Systems03 Particle Systems

Dive deep into advanced particle systems & physics, combining with Deformers, Cloners & Fields.

04 Fields04 Fields

Deep dive into 2D & 3D fields use, including lighting, shading and shadows.

05 Path Tracing and Materials05 Path Tracing and Materials

Push on the photorealistic with the Path Tracer, including glass materials, reflections & refractions.

06 Combining Techniques06 Combining Techniques

Bring all the techniques together and see the endless possibilities that result.

07 Tips and Tricks07 Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks on combined geometry, cloning everything, creating lines and clock time modifier.

08 Procedurals08 Procedurals

Explore how procedural systems work, and how they can be used to create bespoke meshes in seconds.