Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Jump to Time

Jump to Time

Jumps the playhead to a particular timecode.

Method #

When activated (by the playhead crossing into the node on the timeline and Active being set to 1.0), this node jumps either the layer or global playhead to a particular timecode.

This node is often used for:

  • Progressing the playhead out of a Loop Time area on the basis of an event
  • Progressing to a different area of a layers timeline when a section has completed

To understand how jumping to time works in Notch, you need to understand the different playheads in Notch:

Playhead Description
Incoming Global Playhead This is the time that the mediaserver or host application is passing to Notch. Generally this will be simply advancing forward every frame (however media servers can jump to specific times as well).
Global Playhead This is the master time in the project. It is advanced by the Incoming Global Playhead and can be jumped to a time by setting the Mode property to Global.
Layer Playheads Each layer has it’s own playhead. They are advanced by the Global Playhead but can be jumped to a time independently by setting the Mode property to Local to layer

The Layer mode is used when you are running your project layers in compositing mode (i.e. Have not set Layers as Separate Effects in Project->Settings).


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Destination TimeThe time to jump to in MM:SS:FF
ActiveChoose whether the jump should be active
ModeChoose which play head should jump; the layers or the global (see above)


There are no inputs for this node.