Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Notch Blocks

Notch Blocks

What are Notch Blocks? #

Notch Blocks are self-contained, single-file exports from Notch Builder. It enables the delivery of real-time & interactive Notch content. Notch Blocks by design do not come with any playback mechanism and are intended to be used to deliver final content for playback (and control, through exposed parameters) in a media server or other software that has native support to open and run Notch Blocks.

Content creators across the globe can deliver new & original content remotely in a single, self-contained file, natively supported in all major media servers.

You can also export Notch content as standalone executable files to be run without a media server. See Standalone.

License Requirements #

To run Notch Blocks in a media server without a watermark, you need to have exported from Notch Builder Pro and have a Notch Playback license on the playback machine.

Native support #

Native Notch playback is supported in numerous industry media servers & applications. Other applications are adding Notch integration, so if your preferred application/media server is not listed, it may be worth getting in contact with them. SPOUT (an inter-application texture sharing technology) can also be used with media servers that support it.

Hardware and software media servers & applications with native Notch integrations:

We strongly recommend that you read Managing Performance in Media Servers.