Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Purpose #

Calls a URL and then saves the payload of the HTTP response to a file.

In most cases you will want to use the NFetch function which supersedes the HTTPGetFile function.
This is a synchronous call and hence will block rendering until it completes (which could take hundreds of milliseconds). As such it is usually used at the start of a scene in the first frame.
Only HTTP is supported at this time. Use NFetch function for HTTPS.

Syntax #

void HTTPGetFile(String url, String file_path);


file_pathThe destination file to create containing the payload.
urlThe url to call.

Example #

This example pulls a file (a Notch image) from a URL and stores it in your Desktop.

function OnKeyPress(key)
    Log('Got keypress: ' + key);
    if (key == 'P')
        Log("Getting file");
        HTTPGetFile("", "C:\\Users\\My Name\\Documents\\Notch_Download.png");