Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Image Processing

Image Processing

Method #

These nodes analyse and modify the image with different effects. Can be applied to all the same nodes as the Video Processing group.

Unlike Post-FX nodes (many of which are shared with these nodes), these do not affect the parent with the effect and instead contain an altered copy of the image, so these nodes need to be linked to an input for the desired effect to be seen.

AI Upscale Upscales the resolution based on the machine learning algorithm.
Composite Sources Composite two image sources to one image.
Downsample Downsample the resolution of the input image.
Frame Buffer Buffers a frame for a period of time.
Frame Delay Frame Delays the image played by a specified frame amount.
Generate Normal Map Generates a normal map based off the luminance values from an image.
Resize Resizes an image to specified size.
Upsample Upscale the resolution of the image.