Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Image Processing

Image Processing

Method #

These nodes analyse and modify the image with different effects. Image Processing nodes can be applied directly to all the same nodes as the rest of the post-fx nodes.

Auto Key Colour MaskAuto Key Colour Mask

Automatically generate a mask for an image.

Bit CrushBit Crush

Reduce the colour resolution in an image.

Capture Image FileCapture Image File

Save a still image within a Post-FX chain.

Channel BooleanChannel Boolean

Swap the RGBA colour channels.

Chroma KeyChroma Key

Generate a mask for an image using Chroma Keying.


Add a crop to an image.

Custom Shader Post EffectCustom Shader Post Effect

Add a custom .fx shader script as a Post-FX


Expand bright pixels and shrink darker pixels.

Edge DetectEdge Detect

Detect the edges in an image.


Shrink bright pixels and expand darker pixels.

Frame BufferFrame Buffer

Hold a frame of video for a period of time.

Frame DelayFrame Delay

Add a Delay to a video.

Frame DifferenceFrame Difference

Subtract the current frame of a video from the previous frames.

Frame LoopFrame Loop

Dynamically Loop a number of frames.

Generate Normal MapGenerate Normal Map

Generate a normal map from an image.

Histogram NormaliseHistogram Normalise

Use a histogram to normalise the colours.

Key Colour MaskKey Colour Mask

Generate a mask for an image using a specified colour.

Median FilterMedian Filter

Add a noise reducing filter to the image.

NDI OutputNDI Output

Broadcast a video feed via NDI.

NVIDIA Virtual BackgroundNVIDIA Virtual Background

Generate a mask for an image using NVIDIA RTX to mask out human forms.

Output GBufferOutput GBuffer

Render a layers GBuffers directly.

Range RemapRange Remap

Remap the overall colours of an image.

Replace ColourReplace Colour

Replace a colour with a different colour.


Limit the colour in an image.

Video ExporterVideo Exporter

Export a video within a Post-FX chain.