Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Using Notch in Ai

Using Notch in Ai

Avolites Ai supports the native playback of Notch Blocks from v9.1 in both it’s software and hardware versions.

Instructions: #

Please ensure you have installed the CodeMeter licensing runtimes on your Ai system. These are needed by the Notch dongles.

Instructions on the use of Notch blocks within Ai are available in the document: Using Notch in Ai

AI and Notch integration feature list: #

Feature Description Available
Timeline Integration Block playback follows the host application timeline. Yes
Numeric Basic string handling. Yes
Text (ASCII) Basic numeric string handling. No
Text (Unicode) Handle non-ascii characters (like Chinese characters) No
Video Input Video/image textures can be passed from the host application to a block. Yes
Multiple Video Input Multiple vido/image textures can be passwed from the host application to a block. Yes
3D Camera Higher level camera frustrums are passed from the host app. No
Null (Position & Rotation) Higher level nulls, pass position and rotation. (Good for passing tracking objects) No
Colours (as colours) The host application presents a colour picker to the user, rather than x, y, z, a floats. Yes
Enumerated Drop Downs. Drop down menus No
Read exposed values back Exposed values marked ‘readable’ are available for use in the host application, allowing you to push data in to the host app. Yes
Reflect new exposed parameters when live editing. When exposing a parameter while live editing shows up within the UI of the media server. No
Respect numeric range limits The host application observes the range limits set in the Notch project. No
Hot block reloading Allows blocks to be reloaded while the host application is running. No
DMX Hinting Takes the suggested DMX channel layout for the block and applies it when the host application presents the DMX mapping to the lighting desk. Yes
Logging Takes the Notch block log and outputs it into the host applications logs. No
Display block Author string Shows the block authors name in the host application ui. No
Advanced memory management Releasing memory in tracks when not required, handling high load scenarios. No