Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Mesh Renderer

Mesh Renderer

[deprecated] Renders Geometry to the position of each particle.


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Mesh Renderer is being deprecated and replaced by Clone to Particles which handles a wider range of meshes, including Shape 3D and Text nodes.

This node renders an instance of a mesh at the location of every active particle. A 3D Object must be connected to the Object Nodes input, or parented to the Mesh Renderer node, for it to be effective.

If the particle system contains a lot of active particles or the connected 3D object is complex or has a high polygon count it will impact heavily on performance.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Particle SizeEdit the size of the particles once they are rendered.
Particle Scale CoeffsHow much the particle scales are affected by the node at different stages of the particle life. Values 1 and 2 are control points, and are used to control the curve between values 0 and 3.
Size Randomisation CoeffsHow much the rendereed meshes sizes change randomly at different stages of the particles life cycle. Values 1 and 2 are control points used to control a bezier curve between values 0 and 3.
Rotation RandomnessERROR: Variable not found: {att-node-particles-rotation-randomness-description}
Luminance RandomnessControl how much randomness is in the luminance of the rendered particles.
Size RandomnessControl the randomness in size of the particles.
Animation SpeedControl the speed that mesh animations are played at.
Velocity Rotation SpeedControl the speed at which the mesh particles rotate.
Cast ShadowsControl whether shadows are cast.
Rotation ModeControl the rotation of particles as they are emitted.
  • None : The meshes move around and face the same direction regardless of movement.
  • Motion Direction : The mesh is rotated to face the direction it is rotating.
  • Normal : The mesh is rotated to face the particles normal.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Object NodesERROR: Variable not found: {input-node-particles-rendering-object-node-description}ERROR: Variable not found: {input-node-particles-rendering-object-node-typical-input}
Rendered EmittersSpecify which emitters are rendered using this renderer. By default, all emitters connected to the same particle root as the renderer are rendered.Primitive Emitter
Transform ModifiersApply the transforms of another node to this node.Null
Target NodeModifiy the rotations of the node to always direct the z axis towards the input.Null
Local Transform OverrideApply the transforms of another node to this node, relative to its parent.Null