Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Rendering nodes visualise the particles by spawning images, meshes or trails. Multiple rendering nodes may be connected to the same particle system, allowing the same particles to be rendered in multiple different ways at once.

Any Rendering nodes need to be connected to a Particle Root node directly or indirectly, and they will only render particles within that particle system. If a Rendering node is connected to a Particle Emitter it will render only the particles spawned from that emitter.

Dot Matrix RendererDot Matrix Renderer

Renders particles as a dot-matrix in screen space.

Geometry Connection RendererGeometry Connection Renderer

Renders particles as connected geometry and lines.

Gradient 2D RendererGradient 2D Renderer

This node generates a 2D Gradient based on the positions and colours of active particles.

Line Connection RendererLine Connection Renderer

Renders lines between nearby particles.

Line RendererLine Renderer

Renders lines between pairs of particles.

Mesh RendererMesh Renderer

[deprecated] Renders Geometry to the position of each particle.

Point RendererPoint Renderer

Renders a each particle as a sprite.

Render Particles To SurfacesRender Particles To Surfaces

Renders particles onto nearby Meshes.

Trail RendererTrail Renderer

Renders trails which follow the path of particles.

Volume RendererVolume Renderer

Renders particles as a density volume.