Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Image Displacement

Image Displacement

Displaces particles based on an image.


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This node displaces the position of a particle based on an image or input video source, similar in operation to the Displacement Map Deformer node for 3D objects.

For this node to operate, an image must be supplied either via the Image attribute or connected via the Image Node input. When an Image Plane node is connected to the Image Node input the transform from the image plane will be used, so the sampled pixels correspond with the pixels on the image plane in 3D space.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

ImageHow much the particle colours adapt to the image colours.
Displacement ModeDetermines how the displacement direction is calculated.
  • Directional : Displace the particles along the orientation direction of the displacement node.
  • Radial : Displace the particles along the direction outwards from the position of the displacement node.
Displacement Colour Mode

Changes how the colour of the video input displaces the particles position.

  • Alpha. displacement is based on the alpha values of the image.
  • Luminance : Displacement is based on luminance of the pixels in the image.
  • RGB : Displacement is based on RGB, and the colour channels effect the direction components individually: red affects X, green affects Y, blue affects Z.
  • RGB Biased : As RGB, but the incoming value is scaled and biased so mid grey is considered 0.
  • Bump XY : Displacement is based on the image processed as a bump map.
Blend ModeHow the particle shading blends.
Blend AmountControl how much the new shading affects the particles.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Image NodeThe image source node.Video Node, Image Plane Node
Affected EmittersChoose which particle emitters can be affected by the affector.Primitive Emitter
Transform ModifiersApply the transforms of another node to this node.Null
Target NodeModifiy the rotations of the node to always direct the z axis towards the input.Null
Local Transform OverrideApply the transforms of another node to this node, relative to its parent.Null