Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Video Exporter

Video Exporter

Export a video within a Post-FX chain.

Method #

This node captures the video from the view port and exports to a chosen directory. It is important to note that even if this node is attached to multiple Camera’s, it will only run if that Camera is being actively rendered in the scene. To render multiple camera’s in a scene, you should use multiple Render To Texture nodes.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

ActiveEnables or disables the effect. Disabling the effect means it will no longer compute, so disabling a node when not in use can improve performance.
Blend AmountChanges the opacity of the new effect over the original image.
Export PropertiesOpen the export video settings window.
FilenameThe filename and path location of the saved video.
WidthThe width of the exported video.
HeightThe height of the exported video.
Export TypeHow the video will be exported.
CodecWhich video codec will be used in to export.
QualityThe overall quality of the exported video. greater quality means greater time export times.
FPSThe frames per second the video will be export at.
Write Alpha ChannelInclude an alpha channel in the video export. this is not compatible with some export types.
Write AudioInclude audio in th exported video file.
Audio Offset (FramesOffset the exported audio from the video.


There are no inputs for this node.