Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Field Cache

Field Cache

Caches a Field system to disk for consistent results.


Method #

The Field cache node allows you to store the animation of a field to disk. This allows the animation to be scrubbed in time, and for simulations to run deterministically without the need to use effectors.

Cached fields may perform significantly better than running simulations live, as they are no longer being simulated and essentially just playback the sequence.

The file extension for field caches is *.field.

Field Baking Panel

The file extension for field caches is *.field.

After the baking is finished, any emitter and affector nodes may be disabled.

Only Field Root Nodes using “Densities and Temperatures” mode are supported. Use of “Upres Density Field” on the Field Root node is not supported.
Field caching can generate very large files. The frame rate and field resolution will influence the size of the cached file.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Bake NowOpen baking window, with options for the file location and export range.
Field CacheCached File for playback. Once a file is selected, the rest of the field emission/motion will no longer function and this cached file will be played back instead.
Playback RateHow quickly the cached field playss back.
Playback Time OffsetOffset the the start time for the cached field playback.
LoopingAllow the cached field to loop once the playback animation has ended.