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03 LED volumes

03 LED volumes

Learn about grey boxing, scene preparation, background & foreground plates, light baking and more.
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In this chapter, we will be using the LED stage project made by the Notch team as an example. It’s available for you to download in the Chapter Resouce button above.

Technical Checklist #

  • How big is the room?
  • What lens will be mounted on the camera(s)?
  • Is there anything obstructing movement of the camera, such as other equipment, pillars/trusses?
  • What is the distance from the edge of your LED stage to the walls of the room? 
  • What lenses will be used? 
  • What is the scale/resolution of the scene?
  • What are the physical dimensions of the stage?

Extra Tips #

  • Keep your node graph tidy!
  • Frequently monitor performance
  • Move your camera around as you design your scene
  • Ground your talent
  • The ‘rug’ or ‘stool’ trick

Pre-On-location Short tips #

  • Check that light is baked
  • Exposable camera
  • Preview exposed parameters
  • Test your blocks 

On Location Tips #

  • Make sure virtual lighting is aligned
  • Delete props that are no longer needed
  • On location optimisation:
  • Cache all static materials
  • Reduce the number of dynamic lights
  • Reduce the number of objects affected by reflections