Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Blur nodes defocus images, making them appears less clear. These are useful in many scenarios, from cleaning up the harsh edges on a key mask to creating depth of field for the image. They follow the same order of operations as all the other post-fx nodes.

Blur Nodes can be applied to all the same nodes as the rest of the post-fx nodes.


Add a simple blur effect to an image.

Depth Of FieldDepth Of Field

Apply a depth of field blur to 3D scenes.

Directional BlurDirectional Blur

Add a blur effect along a direction to an image.

Edge-Aware BlurEdge-Aware Blur

Add a blur effect but preserve detailed areas to an image.

Feedback BlurFeedback Blur

Add a blur which trails across the image to an image.

FFT Blur / GlowFFT Blur / Glow

Add a wider blur or glow effect to an image.

Frame FeedbackFrame Feedback

Overlay the previous frame over the current frame.


Add a simple glow effect to an image.

Glow 2Glow 2

Add a glow effect which stays resolution independent to an image.

Motion BlurMotion Blur

Apply motion blur to objects in a 3D scene.

Radial BlurRadial Blur

Add a blur effect which pushes outwards to an image.

Tilt ShiftTilt Shift

Add a tilt shift effect to an image.

VHS BlurVHS Blur

Add a damaged VHS effect to an image.