Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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This section contains a group of mostly miscellaneous nodes.

Colour Generates a colour which can be input into various nodes.
Colour Image Ramp Outputs individual colours based on an image input.
Colour Ramp Outputs colours or gradients, based on the colours selected.
Comment Add a comment on the nodegraph.
Debug Log Displays the debug log onto the rendered image.
Image 2D Displays an image in 2D space.
Image 2D Equirectangular Warps a cube map into an equirectangular image in 2D space.
Layer Precomp Pre-composite a separate layer as a video source.
Mapping Control how an image is mapped onto surfaces.
Motion Direction Follower Generates a new transform from the movement of an input transform.
Motion Predictor Predicts the motion of an input transform.
OSC Output Send an OSC message every frame.
Parent To Vertex Extract the tranforms of a point.
Region Create a coloured region directly on the nodegraph.
Render Layer Renders all child nodes as a separate composition layer.
Render To Surfaces Render the connected nodes onto object surfaces.
Render To Texture Render the connected nodes as a video source.
Root The Root node for the scene.
Screen Projection Reprojects the camera view to a plane in 2D space.
Select Render Layer For Child Nodes Allow nodes to switch between different Render Layers.
Spline Follower Translates a child object along an input spline.
Time Stretch Change the time step for child nodes.
Triangle Octree Node This node is being deprecated and replaced.
Trigger Trigger child animations from a condition.