Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Emitter nodes spawn particles that can be manipulated in a particles system. Any Emitters need to be connected to a Particle Root node, and they will only spawn particles within that particle system unless modified appropriately.

Every emitter has a “Max Particle Count” attribute which, depending on the value of the Respawn Enabled parameter, defines either: the maximum number of particles from that emitter that may be alive at any one time if Respawn Enabled is ticked; or the total number of particles that may be emitted from this emitter if Respawn Enabled is not ticked. However the total number of particles in the system is defined by the Particle Root Node and there may be multiple emitters competing for those particles, so it may be impossible to fully satisfy the value set by “Max Particle Count”. Emission occurs per frame in node order and depends on the Emission Rate attribute, so it is possible for an emitter that is evaluated first to consume all of the particles in the system and leave none left for the other emitters.

Field EmitterField Emitter

Emit particles from a Field system.

Image EmitterImage Emitter

Emit particles from an image.

Mesh EmitterMesh Emitter

Emit particles from a mesh.

Point Cache EmitterPoint Cache Emitter

Emit particles from a Point Cache.

Primitive EmitterPrimitive Emitter

Emit particles from a primitive shape.

Procedural EmitterProcedural Emitter

Emit particles from a Procedural system.

Screen EmitterScreen Emitter

Emit particles from objects within the screen space.

SDF EmitterSDF Emitter

Emit particles that fill the volume of a mesh.

Spline EmitterSpline Emitter

Emits particles from a spline.

Trail EmitterTrail Emitter

Emits particles from other particles.

Video Feature EmitterVideo Feature Emitter

Eemits particles from feature points of a video.

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