Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Inbuilt Functions

Inbuilt Functions

CancelTimer() Cancels a timer.
FileOrDirectoryExists() Checks whether the file or directory exists on disk.
GetDirectoryFileList() Gets the list of files within a given directory based on an optional search filter.
GetFileModifiedDate() Returns the modified time of a file.
GetGPUName() Returns the name of the GPU currently being used by Notch's render engine.
GetViewportSize() Returns the size of the render viewport as an array of two numbers: width, height.
JumpGlobalTime() Jump the timeline to time specified in seconds.
Log() Writes a message to Notch's log window.
SetPausePlayback() Pauses and unpauses the playhead when running in Standalone.
Timer() Creates a timer that calls a function at the interval specified.