Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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These nodes modify the image with various stylised effects.

Stylisation nodes can be applied directly to all the same nodes as the rest of the Post-FX nodes.

3D Object Outline3D Object Outline

Add outlines to geometry in the scene.

Cross HatchCross Hatch

Add a crosshatch effect to an image.

Digital Block GlitchDigital Block Glitch

Add an animated block glitch.

Digital Chroma GlitchDigital Chroma Glitch

Add an animated colour glitch.

Dot MatrixDot Matrix

Add a dot matrix effect to an image.

Film GradingFilm Grading

Add a film grading effect to the image.


Add a halftone effect to an image.

Motion DatamoshMotion Datamosh

Add a datamosh effect to the image.

Pixel Sorting GlitchesPixel Sorting Glitches

Add a simple pixels sorting algorithm to the image.


This node pixellates an image, giving it a lower resolution.


Add a sharpen effect to the image.

Slit ScanSlit Scan

Add a slitscan effect to an image.


This node applies a streak effect to the image.

Vector BlurVector Blur

Add a gradient based blur to an image.

VHS ScanlinesVHS Scanlines

Add a VHS scanline effect to an image.

Voronoi Post ProcessVoronoi Post Process

Add a voronoi breakup effect to an image.