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Triggerable Envelope Modifier

Triggerable Envelope Modifier

Trigger keyframed animations on a modifier.

Method #

This node is used for triggerable animations on a specific value. Keyframes on th value property will only be played back until the trigger values condition has been met, where the value then plays back at a normal rate and holds its final value until the trigger is re-activated.

The output is a numeric value that can be further processed with other modifiers, or directly connected to a parameter in another node, using the operation method selected.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Current ValueShows the current value of the effect. Cannot be directly changed.
Current Play TimeRead-only. The current play time value.
Is Currently TriggeredRead-only. Indicates when the node triggers.
ValueBase value to modify the output value with.
ScaleAdjust the scale/range of the modifier.
OperationThe operation to be performed on the targeted parameter.
  • Add : Adds to the parameter value.
  • Subtract : Subtracts from the parameter value.
  • Multiply : Multiplies the parameter value.
  • Replace : Replaces the parameter value.

These properties control the trigger conditions for when the animation should be activated.

TriggerTriggers the animation set on the Value parameter. When this value is > 0.5, the animation is triggered.
Instant RetriggerToggle whether the value can be re-activated immediately after its finished playing.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
ValueInput a value from another modifier to be modified by this node.Math Modifier
TriggerUse an incoming value to reset the trigger.Envelope Modifier

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