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Text Strings

Text Strings

Method #

These node handle text strings, either generating them from other data types or modifying them and combining them.

Blend Text StringsBlend Text Strings

Blend between two text strings.

Change Text String CaseChange Text String Case

Change the case of a Text String.

Clock Time As TextClock Time As Text

The current time as a text string.

Combine Text StringsCombine Text Strings

Combine Text Strings together.

CSV/Table Entry As TextCSV/Table Entry As Text

Use entries from a table in a Text String.

Date As TextDate As Text

The current date as a Text string.

OSC Text StringOSC Text String

Receive a string from OSC.

Replace Text StringReplace Text String

Replace text within a text string.

Reshape Arabic Text StringReshape Arabic Text String

Format Arabic text for readability.

Reverse Text StringReverse Text String

Reverse a text string.

Scramble Text StringScramble Text String

Scramble a text string.

Split Text StringsSplit Text Strings

Split a text strings from a seperator.

Text StringText String

Editable Text String.

Time Counter As TextTime Counter As Text

Editable clock time as a Text String.

Timecode As TextTimecode As Text

Current Timecode as a Text String

Value As TextValue As Text

Convert numerical values to a Text String