Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Cross Hatch

Cross Hatch

Add a crosshatch effect to an image.


Method #

This node adds a crosshatch effect. The image is broken up by brightness, and hatch texture is sectioned and overlaid onto the image. The brightness of the section in the original image determines which part of the hatch texture will be overlaid into that section.

The example below has had a hatch texture applied, the effect doesn’t work without a hatch texture selected and by default, none is applied.

Input Image


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

ActiveEnables or disables the effect. Disabling the effect means it will no longer compute, so disabling a node when not in use can improve performance.
Blend AmountChanges the opacity of the new effect over the original image.
Blend Mode (RGB)Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image RGB.
Blend Mode (Alpha)Change how the generated effect blends with the parent image alpha.
Hatch TextureThe texture used as a hatch pattern.
IntensityThe intensity of the effect that is applied.
AmountChange how strong the efffect is on the input image.
Hatch Texture ScaleChange the scale of the cross hatching on the image.
Animation RateThe speed at which the cross hatching is animated.

Toggle which of the RGBA channels are affected by the effect.


There are no inputs for this node.