Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Interactive nodes process transforms based on various kinds of live inputs. Most work with transforms, although the RSS Feed Node and RSS Text Selector output a text string, and the clock time modifier outputs float values.

Array nodes are a particularly notable subgroup. These nodes process multiple transforms at once, and can be used to generate multiple copies of a node at those transforms. Sources are usually external, e.g a CSV file or TUIO data, but Arrays can be generated from internal data too with the Transform Array node.

Array Operators

These nodes take transform arrays as input and applies operations to them.

Array Average Combines the points from an array to a single transform.
Array Copy Creates a copy of the points from an Array.
Array Element Extractor Extracts an individual point from an Array.

Array Sources

These nodes act as sources for Array data.

Blacktrax Array Generate an array using mutliple Blacktrax Trackables as a source.
CSV/Table Array Generate an Array using a CSV file as a source.
Exposable Array Generates an Array passed through from a media server.
Hokuyo UST Lidar Array Generates an Array from a Hokuyo 2D LiDAR.
Mouse Point Array Generate an Array using the mouse cursor as a source.
Transform Array Generate an Array using internal Notch sources.
TUIO Array Generate an Array from TUIO data.
Windows Touch Array Generate an Array from Windows touch data.


ArtNet Recording Playback Playback recorded ArtNet data from Notch Builder's built-in ArtNet recorder.
Blacktrax Tracked Body Generates a tracked point from Blacktrax.
Clock Time Modifier Converts the system time as a modifier.
Hot Zone This node detects if the centre point of an object moves into a region.
Keyboard Modifier Detects keyboard key press and generates an output.
Mouse Picker Detects mouse pressed events and outputs its position.
RSS Feed Node The RSS Feed node combs data from an RSS feed from the Internet.
RSS Text Selector Extracts a text field from an RSS feed.
VR Controller Contains the transform data from a connected VR controller.
VR Look-At Trigger trigger effects based on where a VR camera is looking.