Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Affector nodes modify the movement vectors of voxels in a field. Affectors need to be connected to a Field Root, and they will only affect voxels within that field system.

3D Object Collision Affector3D Object Collision Affector

Allows fields to collide with 3D Meshes.

Curl Noise AffectorCurl Noise Affector

Applies curl noise velocities to a field.

Derivative FeedbackDerivative Feedback

Applies a feedback effect to a 2D field.

Field AffectorField Affector

Applies a different field's velocities to a field.

Field FeedbackField Feedback

Blends the ink of a Field over time.

Fluid AffectorFluid Affector

Applies a fluid simulation to a field.

Image AffectorImage Affector

Uses an image to affect a field.

Points AffectorPoints Affector

Use points to disturb a field.

Primitive AffectorPrimitive Affector

Use basic primitives to affect the field.

Primitive Collision AffectorPrimitive Collision Affector

Allows fields to collide with primitive shapes.

Turbulence AffectorTurbulence Affector

Applies turbulent velocities to a field.

Velocity AffectorVelocity Affector

Applies a directional velocity to a field.

Vortex AffectorVortex Affector

Applies a rotational velocity to a field.