Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Direction-Weighted Motion Modifier

Direction-Weighted Motion Modifier

Evaluates how much a transform moves in a particular direction.

Method #

This node evaluates how much an input object moves in a particular direction, and outputs a modifier value based on it.

The output is a numeric value that can be further processed with other modifiers, or directly connected to a parameter in another node, using the operation method selected.


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Cone AngleMovement cone angle for which movement within the cones direction will count toward the modifier.
ScaleAdjust the scale/range of the modifier.
SmoothingAdjust the amount of smoothing to applied to the output value.
DecayControls the time between the peak to the sustain level.
Max SpeedSet a maximum speed the modifier can read for a value.
OperationThe operation to be performed on the targeted parameter.
  • Add : Adds to the parameter value.
  • Subtract : Subtracts from the parameter value.
  • Multiply : Multiplies the parameter value.
  • Replace : Replaces the parameter value.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Tracked NodeNode whose values will be tracked.3D Object
Direction ControllerThe input nodes local axes are used for determining the traced direction.Null