Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Other Windows

Other Windows

Performance Bar And Window Controls #


Window Controls #

This menu controls some of the window options for various windows in Notch.

Label Description
Editor Settings Settings for the Notch Editor.
Project Settings Settings for the current Notch project.
Units, Guides, Rulers Change the Grid and Guide units.
Show Waveform On Ruler Toggle whether the waveform of audio in the scene is shown on the timeline.
Resource Browser Toggle the Resource Browser frame from being viewed.
Bins Toggle the Bins frame from being viewed.
Undo History Toggle the Undo History frame from being viewed.
Log Window Toggle the Logs frame from being viewed.
Materials Library Toggle the Material Library frame from being viewed. Currently under construction.

Performance Bar #

This bar shows how Notch is currently performing and can help identify where performance problems maybe arising. For more on managing performance, take a look at the Managing Performance On Media Servers page, or the Profiler tab in the Nodegraph.

Label Description
Clipboard Shows the node that is currently in the copy/paste clipboard.
Selected Camera Shows the currently viewing camera in the scene.
Selected Node Shows the currently selected node in the scene.
Transform Space Shows which transform space is being used for transformations; World, Parent or Local.
Current FPS The current frame rate of the scene when being played.
GPU Time How long it takes for the GPU to render the scene.
CPU Time How long it takes for the CPU to render the scene.
RAM Used How much RAM is being used by Notch.
VRAM Used How much VRAM is being used by Notch.
Render Resolution The resolution at which Notch is being rendered at.
Scratch Process Under heavy load, shows how far ahead notch has cached future frames while Idle.

Bins #


Bins are saved node arrangements that can be saved and opened again for later use in different projects. Bins are saved to a folder specified in the Editor Settings Window. To save a bin, select a group of nodes, right-click and select “Send To Bin”. Alternatively, the whole layer can be sent to a bin by right-clicking in the nodegraph and selecting “Send Layer To Bin”.

Log Window #


Shows the log window for Notch, useful for understanding performance Issues and debugging. For more on managing performance, take a look at the Managing Performance On Media Servers page, or the Profiler tab in the Nodegraph.

Undo History #


Shows previous actions that have been taken in the project, and can be undone back to.

ArtNet Monitor #


See: ArtNet section

Connection Monitor #


Shows details about incoming connections from outside sources. Including: