Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Raytracing Techniques

Use Notch's Raytracer and Pathtracer.

Raytracing Basics How to enable raytracing in your scene.
Raytracing Lighting Using lights with the Raytracer
Raytracing Nodes Constructing your Raytracing nodegraph.
Raytracing Materials Material setups with the Raytracer
Refining and Denoising Refining and Denoising
Reflections and Refractions Achieving Reflections, Refractions with the Raytracer and Pathtracer.
Cloners and Particles Using Cloners & Particles with the Raytracer
Pathtracer Using the Pathtracer


Using Substance suite with Notch

Substance Designer Exports Using Substance Designer Exports
Substance Designer Materials with Procedurals Using Substance Designer Materials with Procedurals Meshes.
Substance Painter Exports Using Substance Painter exports

Virtual Production

“Virtual production” covers a range of techniques used by the event/broadcast/film industries to blend the virtual and physical world and create immersive experiences for both the audiences and sometimes the participants.

Location & Specs Understanding the environmental and physical requirements.
Pre-visualisation Sell your concept and test your ideas
Front-plate and Back-plate Front, back, shot plates...
Integration & Control Virtual productions, aren't purely virtual.
Optimisation tools for Virtual Production Optimising your VP scenes
The Obvious All the obvious things.
VP Shipped Resources Various resources to help you build your VP set
Live Network Editing How to react in real-time on-site.


Notch offers an incredibly simple yet powerful workflow for Virtual Reality.

Using Headset VR Adding VR headset support to your project is tremendously easy.
Creating VR 360 Videos Notch is able to treat, animate, augment and export VR / 360 videos all in one tool with completely real-time editing and in-headset preview - an offering not available in any other package. Key to creating VR / 360 content is the ability to create your content using a VR headset, before rendering out to VR / 360 video.


Blend Modes Blend Modes control how images are blended together and overlaid.
Node Hierarchies Nodes are connected in a parent / child hierarchy.
Antialiasing Methods Choosing the right antialiasing technique.
Bake Lighting Bake lighting for
Fake Glass Material Perfecting glass materials.
HLSL Shaders Write a line of HLSL code to implement your own CSG operation.
Procedural CSG Operations Perform Boolean operations between the different procedural generators.
Real-Time Reflections: A Practical Guide Reflections are one of the most important parts of a realistic scene, and often times the different techniques can get confusing or muddled up.