Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Colour Processing

Colour Processing

Method #

Colour Processing nodes are used to modify the colours in an image. Colour Processing nodes can be applied directly to all the same nodes as the rest of the Post-FX nodes.

Apply Colour LUTApply Colour LUT

Apply a Colour Look Up Table (LUT) to an image.

Colour Channel MixerColour Channel Mixer

Mix the colour and alpha channels of an image.

Colour CorrectionColour Correction

Adjust the overall colour balance and ranges in an image.

Colour GradingColour Grading

Asjust the overall distribution of colour in the image.

Colour LimiterColour Limiter

Limit the colour range to between two colours in the image.

Combine Colour GradesCombine Colour Grades

Combine multiple Colour Grading nodes together.


Invert the colours in an image.

Local ContrastLocal Contrast

Increase the small scale contrast of an image.


Recolour an image based on an input image or gradient.


Add a flashing strobe to the image.


Add an overall tint to the image.

Tone MapTone Map

Apply a tone mapping process to an image.