Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Material nodes control how light interacts with the surfaces of objects.

These nodes will accept a material input as a material.

Alpha Blend (Transparent) MaterialAlpha Blend (Transparent) Material

Add a basic transparent material using a alpha blending.

Diffuse MaterialDiffuse Material

Add a diffuse rough material.

Emissive MaterialEmissive Material

Add an emissive material.

Glass RT MaterialGlass RT Material

Add a transparent glass material, requires ray tracing.


Add a PBR material.

Metallic MaterialMetallic Material

Add a metallic material.

Multi MaterialMulti Material

Blend two materials together.

Semi-Transparent RT MaterialSemi-Transparent RT Material

Add semi-transparent material, requires raytracing.

Shadow Catcher MaterialShadow Catcher Material

Captures shadows and generates a diffuse alpha blended material.

Substance MaterialSubstance Material

Add an imported SBSAR material from Substance.

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