Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Shading Nodes

Shading Nodes

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These nodes change the ways that material nodes apply to an objects, and how their materials are shaded on the object surface.

By connecting these nodes as children to a material node, various material channels can then be altered.

Fractal Noise Shading NodeFractal Noise Shading Node

Apply fractal noise shading to a material.

Gradient Shading NodeGradient Shading Node

Apply gradient shading to a material.

Grid Shading NodeGrid Shading Node

Apply a grid pattern shading to a material.

Noise Shading NodeNoise Shading Node

Apply simple noise shading to a material.

Null Shading NodeNull Shading Node

Empty shading node for combining other shading nodes.

Procedural Shading NodeProcedural Shading Node

Uses a procedural system to shade a material.

Texture Shading NodeTexture Shading Node

Use a texture to apply shading to a material.