Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Introduction #

Using the Web GUI it is possible to control your projects Exposed Properties and Layer selection via a web browser. The GUI is optimised for touch surfaces (tablets, phones etc). You can also develop your own web GUI interfaces or control from remote web apps using the Web API on which the Web GUI is based. The Web GUI can be used within both standalone and media server contexts, although with media servers once the WebGUI link is established the exposed parameters will ignore media server updates, to avoid conflicting data.

Builder does not support layer changes through the WebGUI, to avoid conflict between the WebGUI and Notch UI.


Accessing the Web GUI #

When enabled, exported Standalone Executables start a web server on port 8910.

To enable and access the Web GUI:

  1. Enable Web GUI in the project settings
    1. Project -> Settings
    2. In the General tab check ‘Web GUI Enabled’
  2. Export the project to a Standalone Executable
    1. Project -> Compile Standalone Executable
    2. Run the executable
  3. Access the GUI from a web browser
    1. Open a web browser
    2. Go to:
    3. The exposed properties will be displayed

You can access the Web GUI from any other computer via http://<ip_address>:8910

The GUI allows you to control exposed properties when the project is running as a Standalone Executable.

Any remote machine that has access to the Web GUI port can control the project. IP security is left in the users hands.

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