Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Method #

These nodes generate different greyscale texture which can be overlaid, used as a source for an effect, or used to modify other nodes. These nodes use the bit depth and frame rate set by the scene, so if you want a 16bit gradient, you’ll need to enable HDR in the Root node.

Generators are generally treated as video sources, but if applied to these nodes it will affect the parent node a little differently.


Generates an image of a cellular pattern

Curve MaskCurve Mask

Generates an image using user created shapes.

FFT TextureFFT Texture

Generates an image based on the sound an audio source.

Flat ColourFlat Colour

Generates an image of a flat colour.

Fractal NoiseFractal Noise

Generates various fractal noises.

Freehand MaskFreehand Mask

Generates an image mask from hand drawn shapes.


Generates a gradient image.


Generates a grid image.

Hilbert CurveHilbert Curve

Ggenerates an image with a Hilbert curve pattern.


Generates an image with a Jigsaw pattern.

MIDI Keyboard TextureMIDI Keyboard Texture

Generates a texture based on a connected MIDI Keyboard.


Generates an image of random noise.


Generates an image based on overlapping sine waves.


Generates an image of a regular 2D polygon.

QR CodeQR Code

Generates a QR code image


Generates a Star shape as an image.

Tile SheetTile Sheet

Generates a combined sheet of images (sometimes known as a sprite sheet) from multiple inputs.


Generates a grid of tiles as an Image.


This node generates a Truchet pattern as an image.


This node generates a texture of a Voronoi pattern.