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Virtual Production Workflows

Virtual Production Workflows

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Introduction #

This course contains hands-on workshops for motion graphics artists, designers and technologists, as well as useful information for producers and directors working with virtual production pipelines. After completing this course you will understand the techniques and best practices to enhance your work in this emerging field.

To get the most out of this course we recommend taking the following pre-requisite courses beforehand:

  • Notch Essentials
  • Content Intermediate
In this course, we’ll be using version of Notch Builder. Make sure you are on the same or higher version when you start the course.
Throughout the course, we will also be using a resource pack we have prepared for you. You need to download (see above button) and unzip this pack on your computer before you continue with the course.

What you will learn #

  • Introduction to virtual production: an in-depth walkthrough of virtual production workflows
  • Chroma keying: how to use the chroma keyer for virtual production and techniques to combine keyed footage in your virtual scene 
  • Streaming via Direct Show and RTMP: streaming your content from Notch to the outside world via DirectShow and RTMP
  • LED stages and LED volumes: an introduction to practical tips when working with LED stages 
  • Stage pre-visualisation and grey boxing workflows
  • Designing for virtual production: scene preparation, sourcing assets, working with AR elements and introducing “front and back plate” workflows
  • Optimizing techniques: introduction to Freeze Geometry node, baking your lighting and caching materials to run higher performant, optimized real time virtual scenes
  • Network editing: making live changes remotely during production

Chapters #

01 Chroma Keyer for Virtual Productions01 Chroma Keyer for Virtual Productions

How to use the Chroma Keyer, add shadows and reflections and general tips for green screen.

02 Streaming via Direct Show and RTMP02 Streaming via Direct Show and RTMP

Learn how to use Notch to stream to the internet or to local systems like Zoom and Google Meet.

03 LED volumes03 LED volumes

Learn about grey boxing, scene preparation, background & foreground plates, light baking and more.

04 Final thoughts04 Final thoughts

Some final thoughts on Virtual Production Workflows