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NVIDIA Virtual Background

NVIDIA Virtual Background

Generate a mask for an image using NVIDIA RTX to mask out human forms.


Method #

This node uses NVIDIA’s Virtual Background technology running on NVIDIA RTX enabled GPUs to pick out human forms in video / images and remove them from the background, outputting a greyscale mask. This eliminates the need for green screen keying, allowing for use in much broader contexts.

The background removal is achieved using AI and was primarily developed by NVIDIA for use on webcam feeds, for video calls, and streaming, so has been trained primarily on those data sources. It will give the best results on video feeds that resemble those - e.g. front shots of a person’s head + shoulders. However, it still achieves good results on a much wider range of scenarios. A 16:9 aspect ratio input feed at HD resolution is recommended for best results.

This node requires NVIDIA Display Driver version 520.00 or higher as well as the installation of the NVIDIA Video Effects SDK and AR SDK, which can be downloaded here: NVIDIA Video Effects SDK

Make sure you get the correct driver for your GPU, Turing (20XX), Ampere (30XX) and Ada (40XX) use different drivers and they are not cross-compatible.

When using Disguise media servers please refer to this page for further information.
Raw texture Processed texture Modified texture
node-impro-nvidia-virtual-background-raw node-impro-nvidia-virtual-background-pro node-impro-nvidia-virtual-background-cmp


These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

ActiveTurn the effect on or off. Values < 0.1 will turn the effect off.
Quality ModeSelect the quality mode for the background removal.
  • Best Quality (Slower) : The best quality, but lower performance. In this mode, the height of the input buffer must be greater than 360 pixels.
  • Fastest Performance (Lower Quality) : The highest performance at a cost of lower quality output. In this mode, the height of the input buffer must be greater than 288 pixels.

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