Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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The nodes in this section allow you to create simple rigid body physics systems and dynamic movements for objects in your scene.

Generally you create a physics system by hooking up 3D Objects and Shape 3D’s to a Rigid Body Root node, and adjusting their internal Physics attributes, but for using large numbers of similar objects you can use the Rigid Body Effector on a Clones System.

Physics / Rigid Body Root The Root node of a rigid body physics system.
Rigid Body Generates a static or dynamic rigid body collision object.
Rigid Body Collision Mesh Allows rigid bodies to collide with a static mesh.
Rigid Body Depth Image Allows Rigid Bodies to interact with data from a depth camera.
Rigid Body Force Affector Allows forces to be applied to a rigid body system.
Rigid Body Procedural Allows a procedural system to be used for collisions with rigid bodies.