Notch Notch Manual 0.9.23
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Add a spline to the scene.

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This node defines a spline in 3D space from a number of control points. Control points are specified by linking Null nodes to the Spline Nodes input, with the position of each Null used as the position of the control point; the rotation of the Null is used to control the tangent direction of the spline at the control point, and the z scale controls the magnitude of the spline. The ordering of the control points is defined by the vertical ordering of the nodes.

Splines may also be imported from 3D packages as part of Imported 3D Scenes.

Splines may be used in conjunction with Spline Followers to allow geometry or transforms to follow the path of a spline. Splines may also be used with Particle Spline Emitters to emit particles from splines, or connected to Spline Deformers to deform 3D objects using splines, and numerous other uses.

This node outputs a spline which can be input into other nodes which use splines to generate new effects, such as the Extruded Spline or the Particle Spline Emitter.


These properties control the 3D transforms of the node. Transforms will generally be inherited by child nodes, although they can be ignored through the Inherit Transform Channels attributes.

Position XMove along the local x-axis.
Position YMove along the local y-axis.
Position ZMove along the local z-axis.
Rotation HeadingRotate around the local y-axis.
Rotation PitchRotate around the local x-axis.
Rotation BankRotate around the local z-axis.
Scale XScale along the local x-axis.
Scale YScale along the local y-axis.
Scale ZScale along the local z-axis.

Toggle which transform channels should be inherited from the parent node. By default, all transforms will be inherited.

Position XToggle inheritance of the X Position from the parent.
Position YToggle inheritance of the Y Position from the parent.
Position ZToggle inheritance of the Z Position from the parent.
Rotation HeadingToggle inheritance of the Rotation Heading from the parent.
Rotation PitchToggle inheritance of the Rotation Pitch from the parent.
Rotation BankToggle inheritance of the Rotation Bank from the parent.
Scale XToggle inheritance of the X Scale from the parent.
Scale YToggle inheritance of the Y Scale from the parent.
Scale ZToggle inheritance of the Z Scale from the parent.
World Position OnlyInherit the world position from the parent only, rotation and scale will be ignored. Overrides above properties.
Inherit TimeToggle inheritance of time from the parent.

These properties control the core behaviours of the node.

Spline Time ModeControls how the spline is evaluated by spline followers.
  • Knots : followers take the same amount of time to move between each control point on the spline.
  • Length : the time followers take to move between each control point is normalised by the distance along the spline, so the follower will appear to move at a constant rate.
Normalise Spline TimesNormalises the spline times between 0 and 1.
LoopingControl whether the spline animation loops.
Auto-Generate TangentsGenerates Tangents for a smoother curve to your spline.
Auto-Generate Tangents - Use Null ScalesUse the scale values from the Null nodes to generate tangents.
SmoothnessThe smoothness of the Tangent.

Control how the spline is visualised in the scene for debugging purposes.

Show SplineToggle whether the spline is shown.


NameDescriptionTypical Input
Spline NodesThe control point nodes for the spline. A transform array can also be connected to control the spline generation.Null
Colour SourceUse a ramp node to generate colours along the spline.Colour Ramp
Transform ModifiersApply the transforms of another node to this node.Null
Target NodeModifiy the rotations of the node to always direct the z axis towards the input.Null
Local Transform OverrideApply the transforms of another node to this node, relative to its parent.Null